It is made for use with hoses

It is easy to install and can be used almost anywhere.

Large Capacity You can order either hand crank welding hose reels or motor driven reels. Some are made specifically to prevent electrostatic buildup in volatile atmospheres where sparks can cause explosions. The controlled rate of retraction is 80% slower than that of a conventional hose reel and requires no motor or external power source.. Both model types are intended for use with exceptionally large diameter hoses of long length. Many heavy duty hose reels are spring-driven, retractable reels; others are motor driven or hand crank reels. Exceptionally long, wide-diameter hoses can become very problematic if they are not managed correctly. Dual axles keep the unit stable and minimize vibration during use.

Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Safety Hose Reels

In chemical plants, refineries, and other environments where combustible fumes could be ignited by a single spark, these spring-driven, heavy-duty reels prevent static buildup that could spark an explosion.

Heavy Duty Hose Reels are made for the safe distribution and retraction of excessively long, wide-diameter hoses, power cords, and welding cords. They are made with additional frame supports to maintain stability and minimize vibrations during use, and they feature special drum designs to ensure that hoses are guided off the reel and back onto the reel without tangling.

Compact Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Believe it or not, we actually have a compact, heavy duty hose reel that is both portable and lightweight. Industrial applications that depend on heavy machinery also require the use of heavy power cords, welding PVC Garden Hoses Manufacturers cords, or high pressure air/water hoses to operate this machinery. Heavy duty hose reels are made to be used in all applications under all pressures– up to 10,000 P. The internal components of the reel and hoses themselves also last longer with this heavy duty unit because it does not slam the hose on to the hub at the end of retrieval.

Dual High Capacity Hose Reel

These heavy duty hose reels are intended for use with large hose diameters with high volume delivery in low and medium pressures. Motorized heavy duty reels are particularly useful for managing long, twin line welding hoses. They can be used in a number of industrial indoor and outdoor environments.I.

Super Hub, Heavy Duty Hose Reel

The larger chassis and frames on these reels allow hoses of longer lengths and larger diameters to extend and retract smoothly without mishap.S.

Heavy Duty Hose Reels are made for the safe distribution and retraction of excessively long, wide-diameter hoses, power cords, and welding cords. They feature dual brass swivel inlets on either side of the reel to guide the hose during distribution and retrieval and an open drum slot design with direct bevel gear drive. They can create a trip hazard when run across the floor where workers are walking, and they are very cumbersome and difficult to move around by hand. In spite of their small size, they are extremely sturdy because of their steel construction and ‘U’ shaped form.

Everything from air hoses, water hoses, electrical power cords, and welding cords can be wound and retracted using heavy duty hose reels. Heavy duty steel cross supports on all four corners provide the reel with extra strength and rigidity.

Compact Heavy Duty

These reels are compact and light weight. Some cannot be moved by hand at all. It is made for use with hoses.

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